From games to music to fiction, and everything in between, Silverstring Media strives to experiment with content and form in every production, creating innovative original projects that play between and outside traditional media boundaries. We strive to be leaders in the industry, forging onward in innovation and inclusion. We strongly believe that entertainment can be art, that games can be meaningful, that stories have the power not only to make people think, but to help them. Other worlds can help us navigate this world, just as strongly as this world affects others.





An expedition into the Horncrag Mountains. A strange structure built into the rock. Esoteric images carved into the stone. Not enough context to tell what they mean. How will you interpret them? What can you learn from this place? What will you tell your patron? Choose between one of three distinct explorers, each with their own adventure! Created for GGJ2018.

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Progeny VR

Between the moment your character dies and the moment they respawn, something mysterious happens. What if the character couldn't remember everything from their past life? What if they got weaker with each life lost; how concerned might an immortal be of their vitality? Progeny is an experimental game for the HTC Vive, which ooks to provide one answer to these questions. | Steam

VanCAF ConQuest Experience - "The Patron"

ConQuest is our way of bringing story and gameplay to event experiences using location-based technology. We beta-tested this concept at the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival in May 2016 with a story about an entity called The Patron, who appears throughout time to support artists, educate about art and art history, and promote artistic expression and enjoyment. The VanCAF app included a map and exhibitor information alongside visual novels, audio lectures, scavenger hunt mechanics for great rewards from participating exhibitors, a comic-making minigame, and commissioned art from a dozen artists. ConQuest was developed with the assistance of the Canada Media Fund.

Book of the Dead

We consume content -- and it consumes us. Part 1 of the digital triptych Book of the Dead, Viral Dusty Dead Identity Quiz is a gamelike take on typical viral social personality quizzes of the type seen on Facebook or Buzzfeed. Through making selections in a quiz interface, you are told Which Dusty Dead Character You Are as the quiz itself glitches and decays around you, just like the fragile structures that support your contemporary lifestyle. | Download

Morning Rituals

Making our morning cup of coffee is, for many of us, ritualistic; it's a pattern we often choose not to end, whether because we are unwilling or unable to. Morning Rituals is a short interactive fiction horror game that explores what might happen if we don't break free from that--or the consequences of succeeding.

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Ever gone for a drive alone late at night, and found yourself in a meditative, surreal place? Glitchhikers is an original game by Silverstring Media about that liminal space, that journey, a game about infinity, our place in the universe, the gothic sublime, love, death, and the adventure that lies between. What do you see when you look at the night sky? | Buy

Azrael’s Stop

How do we deal with death? What do we do when we’re afraid to live? Originally conceived as a story told through Twitter, Azrael’s Stop is an experimental fiction and music project: a story of a tavern frequented by Death, and the first project in our Flowforged setting. | Buy