Silverstring Media is run by two passionate writers and designers who combine a love of storytelling, design, architecture, history, and art. Supported by a stellar team of creative and savvy people, Silverstring is ready to tackle any challenge.


Lucas J.W. Johnson—Founder/CEO, Studio Director, Writer/Designer/Producer

Fueled by a love of mythology, and having spent most of his childhood making up video games and playing with plastic swords, Lucas had so many stories in his head he had to become a writer. For many years, Lucas has experimented with interactive narratives, game systems design, and emergent storytelling. He is an author, a game designer, a producer, and a storyteller. He has spoken at conferences across North America on digital and transmedia storytelling.

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Claris Cyarron—Co-Founder, Consultancy Director, Designer/Architect/Consultant

Claris Cyarron is a storyteller, multi-disciplinary designer, and ever-aspiring adventurer. While guiding creative projects, she works to make videogames more thematically resonant and intersectionally feminist. Stories are powerful places, where personal growth and magic are possible. Claris is committed to crafting narratives, encounters, and worlds as carefully and intentionally as an architect designs a building.

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Anna Wolff—Artist, Associate Producer

Anna Wolff is an interdisciplinary designer and sequential visual storyteller, fascinated by emergent storytelling technologies. A student of art theory at Capilano's Commercial Animation, and SFU's Interactive Art and Technology programs, she relishes in dramatic timing and portrayals of agentic, courageous femmes. Informed by her Communication studies at SFU she also handles business, communication, and production for Silverstring. She studies contemporary experimental movement arts, such as fusion dance, parkour, and acrobatics.

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Some people we sometimes work with:

ceMelusine—Developer and Digital Artist

ceMelusine is an off-the-chain interactive artist from Vancouver, Canada. He gets lost in the woods more often than not but always comes out with new occult knowledge. He keeps symbols in his closet, images under his bed, and mood in his backpocket. Mainly he is afraid of all the ghosts in his/your computer.  

Zoya Street—Editor-in-Chief, Memory Insufficient

Zoya is a historian, linguist and writer for games and playful art. His writing looks at play, games and software within material and symbolic systems of every scale: from the tiny emotional loops of caring for a virtual pet, to the massive macro network of meaning making in late capitalism.

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Devin Vibert—Composer and Music Producer

To this day Devin has written over three hundred original songs in genres ranging from soundtrack to video game music as well as more contemporary styles like pop/rock and alternative. His ability to bend his talents to any genre is apparent in his work on Silverstring's Glitchhikers and Azrael's Stop, and across his Bandcamp page.

Jacob Burgess—Business Development, Narrative, and Voice acting

Jacob is a voice actor, writer, and marketer, who has worked with Silverstring on many of their projects. He's a versatile voice backed by many many years of theatrical training and experience, who will make sure your message gets across, no matter what format that message might be in. 

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